How Law Firms Can Implement Flexible and Remote Work

How Law Firms Can Implement Flexible and Remote Work

April 14, 2020

As working from home has become the new norm, law firms and businesses alike are trying to maintain the same standards of quality, productivity, and professionalism under drastically different work conditions.

But working remotely isn’t just for crisis situations. In fact, remote work can help law firms deliver better service, support their teams, and even improve the bottom line. So how do you take advantage of the benefits of remote work? What are the risks and challenges? How do you get started?

In our latest whitepaper, From Perk to Profit: How Law Firms Can Implement Flexible and Remote Work, we discuss how to implement remote work successfully, including:

  • Why remote work is more than just a perk to offer team members
  • How law firms can leverage remote work to benefit clients, team members, and the bottom line
  • Key strategies and technical tools to manage the unique challenges of remote work
  • Tips for establishing a successful remote/flexible work policy
  • Best practices to help your team optimize their remote work experience

Download the whitepaper today and see how embracing remote work can benefit your firm.

"Great company, great products, great leadership, great people, great culture!"
"I love my team and peers. We are family, and we respect each other."
"NetDocuments encourages a good work/family balance."
"I feel respected and valued by leadership and my team."
"We work together and support/encourage each other to do our best work every day."
"From start to finish, my leaders are willing to guide me and let me try new things. This keeps work fresh, exciting, and fun so I don't burn out or get bored."
"I have clear direction in my work tasks and priorities. I also feel encouraged to put my family first and maintain a healthy work life balance."
"I work with highly motivated individuals who are smart and allow me to learn from them!"
"NetDocuments is committed to exceeding customer expectations by building leading products hosted in rock-solid environments."
"I'm empowered to try new things and think through processes and campaigns strategically. I can lean on my boss for support, but I'm not micromanaged, which is appreciated."
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