NetDocuments annual Inspire 2022
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Get Inspired! Celebrate Accomplishments, Explore Innovations, Develop a Path


NetDocuments has a rich history of delivering innovative solutions driven by the needs of legal professionals, inspired to continually enable a better way to work. And it’s our customers that remain at the core of this commitment. We truly believe their success is our success and that we win together through passionate hard work, exploring new things, and recognizing every interaction matters.

This spirit culminates at our annual user conference, Inspire, where customers, partners, and the NetDocuments team gather to celebrate accomplishments, explore innovations, and develop the path to the future. And this year, not only are we back to being in-person, but we’ve also expanded to have events in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia to reach as many customers as we can across the globe.

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We’re eagerly preparing a value-packed agenda that will empower, energize, and invigorate. Here is what you can look forward to experiencing at this year’s Inspire 2022.

  1. Network with Your Peers

  2. Where else can you meet face to face with other NetDocuments customers and partners who are experiencing your same business challenges, utilizing NetDocuments in innovative ways, and collectively driving what the future of work looks like for legal professionals? Customer stories will be told throughout the event to spark ideas and conversations; awards will be given to recognize inspired work; and meals, receptions, and areas to chat will provide even more opportunities to connect.

  3. Gain Exclusive Access to NetDocuments Leadership and Product Managers

  4. Whether you’re focused on strategic planning or maximizing the value of NetDocuments in your environment, here’s your chance to access top leaders from across NetDocuments, as well as customer success representatives, product managers, and solutions experts who are ready to help you elevate your NetDocuments experience. Attendees will get an inside look into recent innovations like PatternBuilder for document and workflow automation and upcoming roadmaps including what’s next with our deep partnership with Microsoft.

  5. Explore the Possibilities of Partner-Powered Capabilities

  6. With more than 150 seamless integrations and a flexible open API, there’s endless potential to connect the technologies you use most. From M365 to LexisNexis, DocuSign, practice management solutions, and more, find out what’s possible and where your legal teams could benefit most. You’ll also have an opportunity to visit with 20+ sponsors in the Exhibit Hall for even more ideas for innovation.

  7. Discover New Trends, Skills, and Strategies Through Engaging Education

  8. Our teams, partners, and other industry thought leaders are preparing a fantastic lineup of education that will explore Patterns of Success — best practices, supported by innovation, that have been proven time and again to elevate both the quality and quantity of a legal team’s work. Attendees will discover patterns of productive work, actionable knowledge, and strategic success that result in more satisfied clients and customers, greater revenue, and more collaborative, streamlined ways of doing your best work.

  9. Relax and Enjoy the Experience

  10. It’s been a while since many of us have had a chance to get away, come together, and focus on the next steps in our journeys toward today’s optimizations and tomorrow’s modernizations. We’re excited about this opportunity to provide a memorable experience that delivers immense value to you, your teams, and your business. And our event 7/11-9 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center stands at the edge of the Front Range (easily accessible from the Denver, CO airport), showcasing the state’s alpine charm and offering premier amenities to further enhance your time onsite.

A user conference is supposed to educate customers, but we’re here to inspire. Join us this November for what is sure to be a wonderful event that supports your very best work.

Thank you to all of our sponsors.

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"Great company, great products, great leadership, great people, great culture!"
"I love my team and peers. We are family, and we respect each other."
"NetDocuments encourages a good work/family balance."
"I feel respected and valued by leadership and my team."
"We work together and support/encourage each other to do our best work every day."
"From start to finish, my leaders are willing to guide me and let me try new things. This keeps work fresh, exciting, and fun so I don't burn out or get bored."
"I have clear direction in my work tasks and priorities. I also feel encouraged to put my family first and maintain a healthy work life balance."
"I work with highly motivated individuals who are smart and allow me to learn from them!"
"NetDocuments is committed to exceeding customer expectations by building leading products hosted in rock-solid environments."
"I'm empowered to try new things and think through processes and campaigns strategically. I can lean on my boss for support, but I'm not micromanaged, which is appreciated."
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