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Security Unseats Email Management as Top Challenge for Firms According to ILTA's Purchasing Survey


The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) is one of the leading associations for today's leading firms. Frequent events, chapter meetings, webinars, and of course, their annual ILTACON conference every year keeps the membership engaged and vibrant. It's this engaged community, consisting of thousands of individuals, that ILTA leverages to provide meaningful insights and statistics for its members and legal technology vendor community. Every year during the ILTACON conference, the association releases the results of its annual purchasing survey conducted by a third-party consulting firm, InsideLegal. Having polled thousands of people on topics of technology purchasing trends and behaviors, the purchasing survey becomes a valuable tool and benchmark for what is happening in the industry.

While the report has sections that range from the average technology budget per attorney, to how firms use social media, a very important section — "What is the biggest issue or challenge facing your firm?" — highlights what areas of the firm's technology landscape are keeping legal professionals up at night. With its explosive growth in recent years, it might not be a surprise that email management consistently dominated this category. Firms have always struggled with the volume, storage, capture, filing, mobile filing, capturing attachments, etc. as it relates to managing email.

But, this year security leaped way ahead of the pack, jumping to 59% of respondents reporting that it's their number one challenge, followed by email management at 48%, and information governance at 40% (a topic which also correlates with security policies, practices, and technologies).

Just like email, security is a multifaceted topic that involves data such as documents and email, the technology landscape and infrastructure of the firm, how the firm works and collaborates with clients, and of course, the human and human-error side of security. All of this plays into the broader information governance arena (i.e. the policies, process, and technologies that support a sound information governance strategy across the firm).

Security as a Differentiator

The challenges firms are facing around security are in large part due to the client-driven pressure for more stringent demands to protect client data. This challenge can be turned into an opportunity for firms to differentiate their practice by adopting and partnering with best-of-breed technology providers that have met and maintain certifications and compliance standards such as: HIPAA, SEC, ISO 27001, Safe Harbor, document-level encryption, customer held encryption keys, SOC 2 Type 2 audits, etc.

By relying on specialized vendors with the expertise and investment in a security and compliance infrastructure, firms can reduce the security burden they bear, and lead with the message of a sound information governance strategy to their clients and prospective clients.

For over a decade, NetDocuments has led the way in world-class security and compliance for its global document and email management service, greatly reducing the cost and complexity and increasing the level of security when compared to on-premises (server-based) or hosted systems. With periodic updates to the service, NetDocuments' customer firms are never on an outdated version, leveraging the latest and greatest technology for storing, managing, working, and collaborating with their documents and email both inside the firm as well as with their clients.

Watch this YouTube video in which NetDocuments CTO: Alvin Tedjamulia outlines NetDocuments' security infrastructure.

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