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Learn Why Organizations are Switching to NetDocuments.

FM Financial Finds Productivity Gains, an Intuitive User Experience, and Seamless Integrations with NetDocuments


For over 20 years, a reliable document management system was high on the wish-list for FM Financial Services. Like many organizations, stakeholder buy-in and tight budget constraints often shifted priorities and placed modernization plans on hold.

But a lot has changed in the technology landscape in the past 20 years and a new generation of employees expressing the desire to have improved digital access was a big business driver for the company. As they continued to grow, it became increasingly clear that the benefits of a document management system (DMS) were necessary.

With Growth Comes Change

FM Financial, a process-oriented company, needed a flexible solution to manage content across all departments in the organization. They wanted a seamless and intuitive transition for their end-users and required advanced capabilities to integrate with Office 365 and Salesforce. A “one-size-fits-all” solution was not an option.

The commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions being used were not meeting the company’s expectations and could not efficiently deliver a scalable solution to address the companies’ growing needs. FM Financial realized the advanced capabilities of a DMS could greatly increase efficiency and productivity in their workplace. Due to the sensitivity of their content and federal government guidelines of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), FM Financial needed to ensure their content could be securely accessed and managed.

The team at FM Financial did its proper due diligence in exploring several solution providers. Richard Morton is a Strategic Initiatives Analyst at FM Financial said: “When we were talking to other vendors, they wanted to sell us their solution. But when we talked to NetDocuments, it was ‘What problem can I solve for you?’ And we appreciated that.

FM Financial ultimately chose NetDocuments to provide a modern, proven document management system that was compliant and flexible to support future growth opportunities.
In the end, the intuitive nature of NetDocuments was really the tipping point for us — it’s just so easy to us,” explains Richard.

FM Financial worked closely with our partners at Element Technologies for a successful implementation, content migration, and testing environment setup. Security was of the utmost priority. “If security protocols weren’t high enough, a provider didn’t get a second call with us...it was really important to us that we partner with a provider that takes security as seriously as we do,” says Richard.

The team at FM Financial is now seeing increased productivity, along with real-time team communication, improved task management, and streamlined workflows. In addition, the team is able to work more efficiently with advanced search, secure collaboration, time-saving automation capabilities, and seamless third-party software integrations.

What’s Next for FM Financial?

FM Financial is now fully positioned to move forward with a modern, reliable DMS and an experienced vendor dedicated to delivering solutions that matter most to them.

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<p>In this <strong>case study</strong>, hear more from Richard Morton about FM Financials’ unique story, the results and progress of their partnership with NetDocuments, and what lies ahead for the company as they look to the future.</p>
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