Map Your Path to GDPR Compliance with NetDocuments
Learn Why Organizations are Switching to NetDocuments.

Map Your Path to GDPR Compliance with NetDocuments


Prepare for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement using the NetDocuments platform with security by design and by default. GDPR is global by nature, with accountability a primary objective. For companies struggling with GDPR projects, moving to a globally secure cloud content provider is an important step toward compliance.

The following resources are a good place to learn how NetDocuments supports GDPR enforcement:

Resource Useful for...Quick Facts: NetDocuments and the GDPR Executive Leadership to understand the compliance options available from the NetDocuments platform. GDPR Examples: Top 10 Ways NetDocuments can help customers Business and support professionals responsible for applying GDPR obligations to the NetDocuments platform. Available soon. White Paper: NetDocuments GDPR Compliance Compliance teams and auditors to explore how GDPR requirements are supported by the NetDocuments platform. Available soon.

NetDocuments is focused on compliance with critical standards like GDPR, ISO, FINRA, and SOC 2. We are working with data protection authorities within Europe and regulators in the U.S. because we recognize our customers rely on NetDocuments to be compliant. These materials provide reasonable best practices to support your GDPR efforts. Be sure to consult your organization’s legal counsel for specific interpretation of GDPR obligations to your business.

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