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How to Marie-Kondo Your Inbox – and Find Peace You Never Knew Existed


COVID-19 has brought us together in more ways than one: nearly overnight we all started cooking banana or sourdough bread, some caved and joined TikTok, and most of us have started ‘nesting’ – updating and organizing our homes and workspaces. In fact, TV shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo or the new Get Organized with The Home Edit have recently become some of the nation’s newest TV addictions.

So what does getting organized, de-cluttering, and the nation Marie-Kondo-ing their homes have to do with legal tech software?

Just like organization can bring peace to your home, it can bring peace to your work life too. Typically, when we think of organizing in the workspace, there are two types of people: filers and pilers. Or when it comes to technology, there are browsers and searchers.

Filers/browsers are those you ‘normally’ think of when you hear the word organization. These types love to know that everything has a specific ‘home’ and everything is filed away into its appropriate space. While easy-access is nice – being able to remember or logically figure out where to find everything is more important. Pilers/searchers on the other hand prefer things to be visible and easy to access, especially the things they work with often. They are generally less concerned with everything having a specific place and more focused on not having to dig through multiple areas later to find what they are looking for.

Which style are you? Do you find yourself identifying more as a searcher, browser, or a bit of both?

Here at NetDocuments, we’ve found that both styles have their benefits and most people are a combination of both styles. And, most notably, it’s difficult (and unproductive) to force someone to be the opposite of what they naturally gravitate toward.

That’s why we’ve created technology that brings these seemingly different organizational styles together, as lawyers and their support staff can both work in the ways they prefer – out of the same matter or project workspaces.

Below are some highlights of how NetDocuments and ndMail features can appeal to both browsers or searchers, depending what works best for you and your team:



“Go to” bar allows you to quickly access the matter or project you’re looking for and get a holistic view of all the content in the matter.

Homepage where you can star or favorite commonly access documents/content, folders, or workspaces for easy access.

Navigation pane pins open a list of cabinets, workspaces, and matters/projects that you can expand to see documents/content so you can browse to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Search panel facilitates a quick internet-like search allowing you to search for document names or even contents inside the documents.

Dynamic Attributes provides a simple and easy to use organizational system to tag and profile documents so like content is grouped together and easier to search for or browse through later.

Advance Search Filters are similar to shopping filters (e.g. sort by price high to low, category, etc.) and allow you to quickly and easily refine your search to show exactly what you’re looking for utilizing different document attributes or fields your organization tracks using dynamic attributes.

Predictive Email Filing uses AI to track and analyze organization behavior and trends, suggests filing locations based on subject, contents, and those included on the email so you know your emails are easily getting filed to their proper location.

Pinned Email Locations allows users to pin up to 5 filing locations (per cabinet) so they always appear before predicted locations making it fast and easy to see and file emails to your commonly accessed areas.

Outlook Folder Mapping allows you maintain your existing Outlook folder structure and map those folders to specific locations inside NetDocuments.

Conversation Filing automatically file replies and forwards in the same conversation to the same location in NetDocuments.

While many of these organizational solutions may sound familiar, the ability to pin email filing locations in ndMail (included in the ORGANIZE solution), is the latest feature that customers are raving about. Pinning is a great option for searchers who want visible, quick access to frequent filing locations, or in cases when you:

  • Are working on a specific case and always want that location to be the first in the list
  • Have a policy about storing a copy of every email into one designated place in NetDocuments as well as to the appropriate matter or project

So, while you are making your 7th batch of banana bread this weekend, Marie-Kondo-ing your home, and organizing your sock drawer by ROYGBIV (if you watch the Home Edit you know the importance of this), we wanted to bring some ideas of how you can  organizing your work life – as this too can bring you unprecedented peace in unprecedented times. 

To learn more about getting ORGANIZED with NetDocuments and ndMail, request a demo here.

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