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How Workspace Analytics is Helping Drive Smarter Decisions with Data


While I’ve never been much of a math wizard (I topped out at pre-calculus), I’ve always been fascinated by data and the stories it can tell.

Picking apart data can tell important stories that might otherwise remain obscured. It can highlight where things are going well and uncover areas that need more attention. Data can also shine a spotlight on critical areas that you may have missed. In a world that’s automated and digital, nearly everything is trackable with data. These days, a baseball player does not just hit a ‘mammoth homerun’. Rather, we know a ball left the bat at 110MPH, at an angle of 23 degrees, and it traveled 450 feet. And by the way, it was a home run. Today, in the same vein, technology isn’t just implemented and ‘successful’ – you should demand that it delivers transparency through data to truly understand how it is impacting the business.

Innovative and growing companies are using data to drive decisions and give important context to situations. While intuition and our best senses can guide us, data tells us where our focus should be and helps us define success. It gives us a clear north star, an understanding of the current situation at hand, and helps inform our next steps. And we think that the easier that data is to access and digest, the more impactful it can be.

This is why Analytics from NetDocuments is so exciting for CIOs, IT teams, and legal professionals who use NetDocuments. The new technology gives users the ability to say ‘goodbye’ to guessing and ‘hello’ to certainty, better transparency, and greater insights into how NetDocuments is being used. It delivers actionable insights and helps users uncover what’s working, identify most commonly accessed documents, and where there’s opportunity to grow.

And, with Workspace Analytics being released in April, administrators and legal professionals will be able to do all of this and more: it’ll now be easy to access powerful insights about specific projects or matters, showing how content within a workspace is used.

Screenshot of NetDocuments Analytics Dashboard.
Workspace Analytics will allow access to powerful insights about specific projects or matters, showing how content within a workspace is utilized.

The data is broken into four easy to digest panels:

  1. Active users
  2. Activity by Day
  3. Top Documents
  4. File Types

Each panel offers valuable information, including the dates when a workspace was most active, top contributors or SMEs, and which documents are used most often (an indicator that these documents are important).

Analytics also lets you click into the information to gain even deeper insights. By clicking on a user, day, document, or file type in the respective panel, Workspace Analytics can filter the information presented so you can drill down further.

By easily understanding more about how users are interacting with NetDocuments – and the documents, data, and information inside of it – it can benefit legal professionals and admins. The data gathered will tell the story of your data, big and small. It tells you who accessed what, on which day. It shares insights on if your firm’s templates are being properly utilized. And, it can even boost productivity by telling the story of where users can get the most value from the data within.

So, what story will Analytics tell about your Firm? What surprises may it uncover? Where will it solidify your intuition? In a data-driven world, Analytics is the way of the future. Add transparency and certainty in your day-to-day – learn more about Analytics, included in the LEARN solution, and how it can support your Firm.

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