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NetDocuments and InfiniGlobe Announce Partner Integration


InfiniGlobe and NetDocuments are excited to announce their technology partnership, an opportunity founded in the philosophy that nothing grows in a vacuum.

Having different tools that don’t communicate throws a wedge in productivity – there’s double data entry, increased log-ins, additional downloads, saves, and uploads, plus a greater opportunity to miss something in a folder somewhere.  Think of integration as a behind-the-scenes language lesson: integration clears the way for your software to speak to each other, improving the flow of information, which is essential to organizational efficiency, visibility and collaboration.

This sets the stage for some great pairings – NetDocuments, a robust cloud-based document management system, and ELM (Enterprise Legal Management) platforms such as Mitratech TeamConnect, which InfiniGlobe experts have decades of experience implementing, upgrading, and customizing.

More than just an exciting idea in theory, the integration is a proven success, and one that the InfiniGlobe and NetDocuments teams executed for clients months ago:

InfiniGlobe was approached by a fortune 500 client who wanted a seamless NetDocuments workspace creation and document upload experience within Mitratech TeamConnect. Working together, the InfiniGlobe and NetDocuments teams developed a dynamic solution thanks to:

  1. NetDocuments APIs that not only addressed the client’s initial requirements, but also allowed for the InfiniGlobe team to better build for custom requirements, a result of the client’s creative ideas on how to work with both products easier.
  2. The experienced NetDocuments support team who provided the gumption for the InfiniGlobe development team to push ahead of schedule with fast responses to requests and questions.

At the end of the day, few things are more rewarding than hearing end users say the new integration between NetDocuments and their ELM solution has increased operational efficiencies, despite a chaotic, global pandemic.

Collaborating with NetDocuments was integral to InfiniGlobe’s success in completing this complex integration and has been a great start for the partnership. Now, both NetDocuments and InfiniGlobe are ready to help organizations integrate their ELM solution with NetDocuments with the reassurance that both teams are enthusiastic to collaborate and come to the table with diverse and valuable experiences.

If your department is currently using, or planning to use NetDocuments and an ELM solution such as TeamConnect, please reach out to InfiniGlobe at and NetDocuments at and we will be happy to share more details about this successful case study. As official partners, we recommend it and would be happy to chat with you about potentials for integration with your other software tools.

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About InfiniGlobe:

InfiniGlobe is a legal technology consulting and software company located in Newport Beach, California. InfiniGlobe designs, builds, integrates, and services modern software solutions for the Legal Industry. Providing professional services for Corporate Law Departments, ranging from system implementation to upgrades, optimizations and more, InfiniGlobe is a full-service provider of client customized software for integrated and comprehensive software solutions. For more info visit or contact (833) LGL-TECH.

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