3 Stories of Staying In-Sync in the Midst of a Pandemic

How can you get people to adopt new technology when:

  • They have varied levels of tech-savviness
  • They perform different types of work
  • They’re working in a remote or hybrid environment?

You make it intuitive. You make peoples’ day-to-day work experiences more productive and efficient. That is exactly what Abbie Thomas, a corporate paralegal, Lucy Gordon, a director in the employment team, and Liz Graham, a partner in the pensions team, discovered when Walker Morris implemented NetDocuments as their document management system.

Bringing together their unique responsibilities and perspectives, Abbie, Lucy, and Liz paint a more complete picture of how NetDocuments is used throughout the organisation and how it helps their firm as a whole stay in-sync, even when working remotely.

Read the Walker Morris case study to find out:

  • How Abbie gets back hours of time
  • How Lucy is enabled to successfully collaborate with colleagues and clients, whether working from home or in the office
  • How Liz depends on comparison functionality to have an eagle eye on clients’ files
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NetDocuments Walker Morris' case study discussing their migration to the NetDocuments #1 Cloud Platform.
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