How Kutak Rock Fueled Growth Through Flexible, Secure Document Access and Attorney Collaboration

Kutak Rock is a fast-growing, diversified law firm that has evolved to become one of the nation’s leading business law firms. It primarily services three principal areas of law—finance, corporate, and litigation—though its primary focus varies from year to year, making it a well-rounded firm.

As a NetDocuments customer since 2004, Kutak Rock has experienced the power of the NetDocuments platform at every stage, taking full advantage of the platform’s anywhere access, cloud architecture, and collaboration benefits to fuel firm growth and success.

Get this case study to learn how Kutak Rock:

  • Easily scaled with NetDocuments going from 200 lawyers to 550
  • Increased attorney collaboration
  • Chose NetDocuments as the #1 solution for its firm

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NetDocuments Kutak Rock's case study discussing their migration to the NetDocuments #1 Cloud Platform.
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