FileTrail Completes NetDocuments Integration for Physical Records Management

Salt Lake City, UT
ndMAX introduces AI-powered solutions that address a range of legal workflows
securely inside NetDocuments, helping legal professionals responsibly adopt generative AI technology.
PatternBuilder MAX, the first product in the ndMAX AI suite, is in full production with select customers and will be widely available in Q3 2023.

NetDocuments Marketplace continues to attract vendors, integrators, and service providers who are writing integrations and building valuable add-on services to NetDocuments' core document and email management platform. Today FileTrail announced a partnership and completed integration of their physical records management product with NetDocuments. Read the announcement.

Key Features Include:

Full Visibility

  • Integrated management of physical records and electronic documents within the NetDocs Matter Workspace.
  • Unified view of physical records and electronic documents in one place.
  • One-click access to view physical records for the Matter.
  • Easy tools to request retrieval, manage multiple volumes, and much more.

Multiple Offices

  • Provision access to firm-wide, regional, office, or file room level access to physical records.
  • Actionable dashboard provides metrics at the provisioned level.
  • Reporting aggregates data to the provisioned level.
  • Automated alerts to files checked-in at the wrong office.
  • Inter-office transfers are easily tracked.

Commitment to Migration Path

  • FileTrail has demonstrated a high level commitment to customers since our first product release in 2002, providing continual improvement and a clear migration path.
  • Quarterly releases provide enhancements and new features derived from input and ideas from customers.
  • New releases are included with annual support at no extra cost.
  • Our 1/23 Upgrade process is as simple as Download, Unzip, and Log In.

Information Governance

  • Records Information is proactively managed from creation through destruction.
  • Access to information is controlled by internal security or integration with an ethical walls system.
  • All requests, movements, and edits are logged in an audit trail.
  • Implement security controls and determine who can access and modify records information.

Records Retention

  • Create and Enforce Retention Policies
  • Automatic classification and calculation of destruction dates.
  • Interactive disposition review and approval streamlines the process.
  • The review dashboard monitors progress for records management.

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