Knowledge Management. It's too Important to Be Left in the Dark

Salt Lake City, UT
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The flood of information, the velocity it travels, and the increasing number of channels it comes through is enough to make anyone's head spin. … and that's just one person. Multiply that across all the individuals within a firm and you've got yourself a real problem. This is where a solid knowledge management (KM) strategy can help, that is, once you know what knowledge management means for your firm.

A good KM strategy is a process that should always be evolving. I've never seen a firm go from zero to a fully deployed KM strategy in a short amount of time, but the point of this post (and whitepaper below) is to simply provide some direction, helping with the basics as you build your KM processes, procedures, and the infrastructure to manage it.

Information is the stream of chaos, unconnected data coming at us from a thousand sources – yet we've all heard that information is power, hmm. While that might be true, there is so much more power when those bits of information begin to collect and cluster into coherent themes - that's the creation of knowledge out of information. It then becomes clear that managing and leveraging that knowledge across the firm should be a priority you can't afford to ignore.

Below is a link to a short article that will hopefully help you better define what "knowledge" is and means for your firm. It will provide a simple approach to begin thinking critically about knowledge management and how to get your firm headed in the right direction.

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