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Everything You Need to Know About the NetDocuments + DocuSign eSignature Integration


To offer a more seamless experience, NetDocuments and DocuSign built an integration that allows you to send, receive, and track DocuSign envelopes in your NetDocuments environment. No more downloading, saving, and uploading files. Negotiating a contract may be tough, but executing it doesn’t have to be.

Who Has Access to the Integration?

To take advantage of the NetDocuments + DocuSign eSignature integration, you need the NetDocuments ORGANIZE solution and a DocuSign eSignature license.

You can contact your NetDocuments account manager when you’re ready to turn the integration on in your NetDocuments environment. Then, you’ll enable it in the “Other” section of the NetDocuments Admin console.

After the integration, your team can get started. Each user has to log in with their DocuSign credentials when sending documents for signatures. The NetDocuments user’s account isn’t linked to their DocuSign account. Your team can use various accounts. To save everyone some time, NetDocuments remembers the account credentials for 30 days, so you don’t have to log in each time.

Does the Integration Impact Your DocuSign Content?

Everyone wants to know whether they’ll lose out on their DocuSign features. No! A benefit of this integration is your documents begin and end in the NetDocuments solution. It’s efficient and safe. However, you can access your DocuSign account to work with your content there and its functionalities. You’ll still benefit from workflows, notification settings, and the audit trail.

We know templates help your team stay on the same page and work efficiently. You won’t lose out—you can use the DocuSign templates you’ve already created with this integration. Anything you’re used to doing in DocuSign, you can continue to do.

An important clarification is that documents beginning in DocuSign aren’t brought over into your NetDocuments platform. For now, only documents where the signature process begins in NetDocuments return automatically to NetDocuments.

As for the certificate, you’ll find it in DocuSign the same as before. In the future, you’ll be able to store it in NetDocuments, as well.

How it Works: Answers to Your Questions

You can create a document in NetDocuments and use DocuSign to send it for signatures. Through this integration, you never have to leave NetDocuments to execute agreements. It’s a simple, efficient, all-in-one solution, and there’s no need for your team to save anything locally.
Currently, you can only send one document at a time — you can’t send multiple together through this integration. However, you can use SetBuilder to combine multiple documents into one PDF. It’s a helpful workaround until we deploy the next set of features.

As for creating a signing order for multiple recipients, you can set one in the NetDocuments screen or in DocuSign before sending a document.

After sending out an envelope for signatures, NetDocuments “locks” the document, preventing anyone from sending it out again through DocuSign. In NetDocuments, you’ll see a small DocuSign logo after the file name. To send a document out a second time, you’d have to void and recreate the signature workflow.

While the envelope is in other parties’ hands, you and any colleagues on the document list can track its status, including who has received, viewed, and signed the agreement. This integration offers full visibility into the approval process.

Once your recipients sign the document, it comes back to NetDocuments as a new document. The DocuSign signature process creates a fully executed PDF with all the signatures. You’ll find the new file in the same NetDocuments folder as the original with “(Signed)” added to the Document Name.

Want to send the document to someone other than a signer? No problem. NetDocuments lets you add additional recipients, and you can edit this in DocuSign, too.

When it comes to keeping track of a document, you’ll receive notifications from DocuSign the same as you always have. DocuSign will send out email notifications to the document originators and signers. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the status of your signature workflow in the document details panel in NetDocuments.

We know it takes time to get used to a new integration and workflow. If you have other questions, you’ll find documentation on our support site.

Our Next Steps

In Phase 2, the DocuSign integration will be available in NetDocuments’ DELIVER solution, which includes SetBuilder. Other features we look forward to unrolling are:

  • Sending multiple documents in one envelope;
  • Saving an executed document as a new version of the document; and
  • Saving the DocuSign certificate alongside the executed document.

These features will offer you and your team greater flexibility and efficiency in collecting signatures.

Have additional questions about the NetDocuments and DocuSign eSignature integration? Check out the FAQs.

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