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Remote Work and Scanning: Why Performance and Reliability Matter.


In January of 2020 most of us could not have predicted just how drastically our work environment would change in the coming months. The biggest and most common element of that change has been the shift to remote work.

Although working remote has its benefits, it also poses a new set of challenges. If you have adopted a document management system (DMS) to aid in collaboration and allow for offsite work, it’s important to ensure that you are maximizing your investment with a quality scanner.  

Poor Images Costs Time and Money  

Regardless of how advanced your DMS is, the documents you store within it will only be as good as the scanner used to capture the images stored there. It goes without saying that rescanning images, due to bad quality, costs businesses valuable time and money, which is why having a high-quality and fast scanner on your side is imperative to keep productivity high.  

Selecting the Right Scanner

Fujitsu is proud to introduce its newest scanner, The Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1600 which delivers the highest quality images from a device that is perfect for home office or small office use. The document feeder will hold up to 50 documents at a time and scan 40 dual sided pages a minute at up to 300dpi in color and 600dpi in B&W, drastically cutting down on the time professionals spend feeding files into the scanner.  Additionally the ix1600 scans 33% faster than the previous model, so you never have to sacrifice quality for speed.  

Moreover, with blank page removal, de-skew technology, and auto rotation, the ScanSnap ensures you get the best image the first time.

For small office users, up to 5 user profiles can be established; and for home use, the scanner can connect to your favorite personal cloud storage for a seamless experience.

With ScanSnap ix1600 you can make sure your documents are accessible when you are out of the office or outside home.

Upgrade Your Scanner Today

NetDocuments customers have access to an exclusive offer for an additional 1-year warranty on the ScanSnap ix1600 scanner for free. Purchase your ix1600 from your favorite retailer, then enter the code  “NTD21” to claim your warranty today.

With NetDocuments and ScanSnap you get the best end-to-end DMS, and now with this special offer NetDocuments customers will receive the standard 1-year manufactures warranty, plus a second free year at no additional cost and experience scanning 33% faster with the ix1600.

Have more questions? Reach out to Carlos Jackson at here with any questions. ScanSnap products can be purchased at your favorite retailer.

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